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tanya burr cookie recipe
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Tanya Burr Cookie Recipe

The Tanya Burr Cookie Recipe is an easy recipe to make a tasty treat of cookies with a crispy, raw flavor of chocolate. Using a simple batch of ingredients such as butter, sugar and chocolate, this recipe makes delicious cookies with a soft, chocolate bite. The cookies are soft on the inside and crispy, golden […]

chilli con carne spice mix recipe
Main Course

Chilli Con Carne Spice Mix Recipe

The Chilli Con Carne Spice Mix Recipe, also known as Chili in the US and Canada, is a thick and delicious chilli powder made with ground beef to create a rich flavor. This recipe is absolutely jam-packed with flavors that are deep and rich, making the Chili a hit, no matter whomever you serve it […]

Mary Berry Rock Cake Recipe
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Mary Berry Rock Cake Recipe

The Mary Berry Rock Cake Recipe is a traditional English dessert recipe served throughout the United Kingdom. The rock cakes have a crispy, grainy texture, perfectly sweet and filled with a fruity, nutty flavor. The nutty flavor of the almonds pair up very well with the sweetness of the dried fruits. Mary Berry Rock Cakes […]