How long to cook chicken sausage in the oven at 400

How long to cook chicken sausage in the oven at 400?

How long to cook chicken sausage in the oven at 400

Chicken sausages are the go-to meat option for many. And for good reason, it is easy to cook, flavorful, and rich in protein. And there are so many ways to cook it. Today, let’s talk about cooking chicken sausage in the oven.

How long you cook your chicken sausage in the oven at 400 degrees will vary depending on the kind of sausage you have available to you. Chicken sausages can take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes to heat up and get cooked through. 

But for an even distribution of heat, you must remember to turn it on each side at intervals.

This process is easy enough to follow that you will not feel any difficulty in your cooking. But let’s break it down a bit more for different kinds of chicken sausages and the different processes one can follow to cook them.

How long to cook chicken sausage in the oven at 400

chicken sausage cooked at 400 degrees

There are mainly two different kinds of chicken sausages that require different cooking processes across all brands. And the secret is in how they are prepared. There are mostly pre-cooked and uncooked sausages. And they have their own benefits and drawbacks. 

Pre-cooked sausages have different flavorings, even though they are easier to cook and consume. Raw links of sausages are harder to cook, they take a longer time to cook through, but you can really make the flavor your own by adding your own spices and herbs. 

To really understand how long to cook chicken sausage in the oven, we need to focus on how much you want it charred. To stay safe, any meat that you cook needs to reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees. Always use a meat thermometer to make sure you are staying on the right track.

Why Cook Meat at 400 Degrees?

Like chicken breast or any other form of boneless lean protein, if you want to retain moisture and flavor, it is best to blast the piece of meat at a higher temperature and let it cook faster. On the contrary, if you were cooking the meat at a lower temperature and giving it more time to cook up, you could risk the sausage getting dry and rubbery.

The Cut Matters

Now, this is personal and will change depending on each person’s preference. If you are going for whole sausages, it will need to be left in the oven for longer. I would recommend slicing the sausages for a faster cooking time. This will give the link an easier time to cook through without getting dry.

But if you are going to keep the sausage links whole, you need to season it well. My personal favorite is a nice olive oil rub. Season it well with salt and pepper and let it rest in the fridge for a few hours. This will allow the flavor to seep through and taste better.

And then put it in your preheated oven. This is very important. Your microwave needs to be ready to go. And then cook it on each side for 15 minutes until it starts browning. Once it has browned enough for your liking, check it with a meat thermometer. 

Now, if you are using sausage cut up into cubes, you can oil and season it and then put it in your oven. Smaller pieces will cook up easier, but they will definitely dry out faster too.

Pro-Tip: Cover your dish while cooking if it is cut up into smaller bits.

Okay, now that you have that sorted, let’s talk about the different types of sausages.

By now, you already know that raw link sausages will take longer to cook. But what about a quick-fix meal? Get the pre-cooked kind that you can find in most US grocery stores and get that to cook your quick meal. These pre-cooked sausages are an excellent addition to mac n cheese and quick pasta meals.

To prepare pre-cooked store-bought sausage, if it was frozen, let it come to room temperature and then pop it in the oven for about 15 minutes.

Safety Net: No matter what kind of sausage you are cooking and what process you’re using to cook it, always use a meat thermometer to make sure the sausage has reached the safe temperature before you serve it.

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Bonus: The Best Dip Recipe

As someone who cooks chicken sausage all the time, I find that your recipes taste miles better with the perfect dipping sauce. Buffalo dipping sauce goes perfectly with baked sausages.

To make this dip, all you need to do is mix sour cream and buffalo wing sauce together. Depending on your liking, you can add more pepper to give it a little heat too.


And there you have it. These are all the ways in which you can cook chicken sausage in the oven at 400. Some might say you can just lower the temperature and cook it for longer just to be on the safe side, but i would recommend against it. 

Simply because altering the temperature will alter the texture and flavor profile of your dish. If you are following the steps described in this article, you should really not be having any difficulties navigating the higher temperature. Happy Cooking!