Liaison A Liaison in catering terms is a binding agent.Although a binding agent in cooking can be anything from bread crumbs to
Mis en place
Mise en place Mise en Place is a term used in professional kitchens for the preparation and organisation of ingredients
Poussin Poussin or coquelet in French cuisine is a young chicken that is less than 28 days old at slaughter.A
Beef Stew
Stew Stewing  is cooking a combination of solid food (normally meats and vegetables) in a liquid over a long period
Au Gratin
Au Gratin Au Gratin In literal terms “To Grate” But in culinary terms, it can mean to place a dish under
Rendered Fat
Render To render the fat from food, place the food, normally meat, in a cooking receptacle, either for the oven
Reduce To reduce a liquid normally through simmering or boiling to intensify the flavour or to thicken the consistency as
Sous-vide Sous-vide is a French term for 'under vacuum, also known as low-temperature long time (LTLT) cooking.It is a method of
Searing Meat
Searing Searing (or pan searing) is a cooking technique, in which the surface of the food (usually meat, poultry or