Steamed Chocolate Pudding with Creamy Chocolate Sauce

Steamed Chocolate Pudding with Creamy Chocolate Sauce

Steamed Chocolate Pudding with Creamy Chocolate Sauce

Recipe by Mary BerryCourse: DessertCuisine: BritishDifficulty: Medium


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There are Chocolate Puddings with Chocolate Sauce, then there is Mary Berrys Chocolate Pudding with Creamy Chocolate Sauce

What You Will Need
2-Pint Pudding Basin


  • For the Pudding

  • 125 g butter softened/plus extra for greasing

  • 125 g caster sugar

  • 2 large eggs

  • 100 g self-raising flour sifted

  • 25 g cocoa powder sifted

  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

  • For the Chocolate Sauce

  • 150 ml milk

  • 150 ml double cream

  • 300 g Plain Dark chocolate broken into small chunks

  • 1 tsp vanilla extract


  • Have all the ingredients weighed and ready to handIngredients ready
  • Grease the pudding basin, then cut a small square of baking paper (about the size of the base of the bowl), grease it and place in the base of the basin, pressing it into the corners.preparing pudding basin
  • Sieve the flour and cocoa powder into a mixing bowl, add the butter, eggs, sugar and vanilla extract.
  • Using an electric hand mixer, whisk everything together until well blended and light and fluffy.
  • Spoon the mixture into the basin and level the top.
  • Cut a square of foil about 4cm (1½in) bigger than the top rim of the pudding and grease the underside with butter. Make a pleat in the middle of the square. Place it on top of the basin and tightly press around the edges, then tie with string to seal.
  • Make a handle for the bowl, to make it easier to lift out when cooked, by tying another length of string, attaching it to the string that you have tied around the bowl, from one side of the bowl to the other.
  • Alternatively, take a length of tin foil, long enough to allow the ends to hang over the side of the boiling pan when the pudding basin is placed in.
  • Fold the foil lengthways into 3, place the bowl in the middle so as you can lift it into the boiling pot.
  • Put a small plate or a trivet in the base of a deep saucepan. Lift the basin with the “Handle” into the saucepan and using a kettle, pour in enough boiling water to come halfway up the sides and cover with a lid.pot ready for steaming pudding
  • Bring the water back to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer very gently for 1½–1¾ hours until firm to touch on top when gently pressed.
  • To make the Chocolate Sauce
  • Pour the milk and cream into a saucepan and heat until just boiling, then add the chocolate and vanilla.
  • Remove the pan from the heat and stir until the chocolate has melted.
  • Once the pudding is cooked, carefully remove the basin from the pan and take off the foil.
  • Loosen around the edges with a knife, then place a plate on the bowl and using a tea towel or something similar to prevent you burning your hands, flip the plate and bowl over, give a quick shake to release the pudding from the bowl. Remove the paper on top.
  • Pour some warm sauce over the pudding and cut it into wedges.
  • Serve the remaining sauce in a jug.

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