Slow Cooked Beef Stroganoff

Slow Cooked Beef Stroganoff

Slow Cooked Beef Stroganoff

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Beef Stroganoff is a Russian dish (Beef Stroganov) of sautéed strips of beef served up in a sauce made with sour cream.
The dish originated in mid-19th-century Russia, it has become popular around the world, with considerable variations from the original recipe.
The origins of the name “Stroganoff” aren’t that clear, some would say that it is from the Russian Verb “Strogat” meaning to chip or shave off, and others believe it came from a Russian family of the same name.
The first recorded mention of the dish (goviadina po-strogonovski) is made in E. Molokhovets’ cookbook “The Gift to Young Housewives” in 1871.


  • 2 lbs lean stewing beef cut in 1-inch strips

  • 1 onion medium sliced

  • 8 oz mushrooms fresh Sliced

  • 2 cloves garlic crushed

  • 1/2 Pint rich beef stock

  • 1 tsp salt

  • 1/2 tsp pepper

  • 2 tbs brandy

  • 2 tbs oil for browning

  • Sauce:
  • 1/2 Pint single cream

  • 2 tsp dijon mustard

  • 1/2 tsp paprika

  • 2 oz cream cheese

  • 2 tbs flour


  • Place the oil into a heavy large frying pan, wok or skillet, over a medium heat.
  • When the oil is shimmering add the beef and brown all over.
  • Remove the beef from the pan and place into the slow cooker. (Do not throw out the liquid left in the pan).
  • To the frying pan add the garlic, mushrooms and onions and cookout for about 2 minutes.
  • Now add the beef stock to the pan and scrape the bottom of the pan so that all the browned bits of the meat are incorporated into the liquid.
  • Let it all heat through for 1 minute and then add the mix to the slow cooker.
  • Add the salt, pepper and brandy. Stir and leave to cook on a slow setting for 6-8 hours. (A high setting will reduce cooking time by around 2 hours)
  • Now to make the sauce.
  • Place all the sauce ingredients into a small bowl and mix well.
  • Add the sauce to the cooked beef and stir well, incorporating the cream cheese.
  • Replace the lid and leave to cook for another 20 minutes.
  • Serve with Basmati Rice.