Mary Berry Vegetable Soup Recipe

Mary Berry’s Vegetable Soup Recipe: A Great Way to warm up a Chilly Day with Your Favorite Comfort Food

Mary Berry Vegetable Soup Recipe

When it is cold outside, it is the best time to indulge in comfort food that will warm your soul, heart, and body. The Mary Berry vegetable soup is a healthy recipe that will allow you to enjoy some warmth in the cold. You can enjoy this soup as a first course or as a light lunch, depending on what you prefer.

The best part is that you can also serve this soup with bread and other starters for a complete meal. So, if you want to make the Mary Berry vegetable soup this winter, you are in the right place. Here is the complete guide.

Mary Berry Vegetable Soup Recipe Overview

The Mary Berry vegetable soup recipe is ideal for six people, and it will take you around half an hour to make this recipe. On the days you are feeling cold and lazy, you can whip up this lunch in no time. You can also serve it as a starter to your guests if you are hosting a dinner.

The soup is light and healthy, and it will not overshadow anything else you are cooking. So, do give this recipe a try this winter.



6 Person

Prep time

10 Min.

Cooking time

20 Min.

Nutrient Information

The Mary Berry vegetable soup recipe will serve six people, and each serving will have 99 calories. Here is the complete breakdown of the nutrient information:

  • Total Fat: 3.1g
  • Saturated Fats: 2.8g
  • Sugar: 9.2g
  • Carbohydrates: 19.8g
  • Dietary Fiber: 3g
  • Sodium: 1198mg
  • Protein: 3.1g

Nutrition Facts

  • Amount Per ServingCalories99
  • % Daily Value *
  • Total Fat 3.1g 5%
    • Saturated Fat 2.8g 14%
  • Sodium 1198mg 50%
  • Total Carbohydrate 19.8g 7%
    • Dietary Fiber 3g 12%
    • Sugars 9.2g
  • Protein 3.1g 7%

    * The % Daily Value tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.


    • 1.8 litres of vegetable stock
    • 2 inches of peeled and grated fresh root ginger
    • 6 sliced spring onions
    • 1 finely chopped red chilli
    • 1 tbsp. of light muscovado sugar
    • 1 ½ tsp. of Chinese five-spice powder
    • 1 tbsp. of soy sauce
    • 50g of fine egg noodles
    • 150g of sliced shiitake mushrooms
    • 1 sliced Bok choy
    • 1 tbsp. sweet chilli sauce
    • ½ small lime juice
    • Chopped coriander


    1. Add the vegetable stock inside a large saucepan and bring it to a boil.

    2. Add the spring onions, soy sauce, chilli, ginger, five spice powder, sweet chilli sauce, and sugar. Reduce the heat of the saucepan and let everything simmer for five minutes.

    3. Add the noodles and mushrooms, and simmer for three to four minutes until the noodles are cooked through.

    4. Stir the lime juice and the bok choy in the soup and check the seasoning to ensure the right taste.

    5. Let the mixture simmer for another two minutes.

    6. Pour the vegetable soup into bowls and sprinkle it with some chopped coriander to serve.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some frequently asked questions about the Mary Berry vegetable soup recipe:

    How Can I Add More Flavor To The Vegetable Soup?

    There are many ways you can add more flavour to your vegetable soup. For example, you can add dried herbs, paprika, curry powder, parmesan, red pepper flakes, and much more. On the other hand, you can also add some Italian seasoning to the vegetable soup to give it an oomph.

    The soup is incredibly versatile, and you can add flavour to it in any way you like. So, you can experiment and then decide what flavours to add to your vegetable soup.

    How Can I Add More Savory Richness To Vegetable Soup?

    The secret is to use good vegetable stock for the Mary Berry vegetable soup recipe. However, if your soup is still lacking in this richness, then you can add certain ingredients. These include adding tomato paste, miso, seaweed, and other such items.

    All of these ingredients will add a layer of depth to your broth. Besides that, it will also add some umami flavour to your soup. You can try different items and see which one goes best.

    Can I Freeze The Mary Berry Vegetable Soup To Enjoy Later?

    The Mary Berry vegetable soup is not for freezing. The best way to consume this soup is to make it fresh and have it as soon as possible. Freezing the soup will compromise the integrity and the taste.

    You can also make fresh bread to serve with the soup and enjoy it in the best way possible. It will not take long to make the soup, so you don’t need to freeze it or prepare it ahead.